MDS Collection – Shopping

I received a shopping voucher from MDS collection, form my friend. She got it from Groupon for $15 which entitles me to $40 worth of products.

I’ve never shopped at MDS before because when I first knew about them, their clothing looked super Taiwan auction style, which isn’t what I like, and it is rather overpriced.

I also do not like how they only have 1 size for most items.























After browsing for a while, I decided on the above dress. It cost $39.00 and with $1.50 of shipping, I had to top up $0.50 after using the voucher.

It arrived the next working day, which is quite prompt. The material looked not bad, comparing to the lousy quality expected from blogshops. It was very smooth and quite sateen. I liked how the belt was included free as well, and the belt itself was quite pretty and wearable!

For just $15.50 this piece is quite worth it!


Sleeping Mask Review

Typically, my skincare steps would be: naruko rose & snow fungus foam -> Hada Labo SHA Lotion -> sheet mask -> serums -> sleeping mask


Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly

This was the first sleeping mask I tried. The texture is light weight and when applied it has a slight sensation, typical of astringent from tea tree products, but not very strong. It feels like a gel moisturiser and sort of ‘dries up’, leaving a not so sticky surface, but when you wash it off the next day it sorts of ‘dissolves’ and you can indeed tell that there was a layer on your face. That is good, because it shows it remains on your face doing its job overnight, but not leaving you sticky like an oil slick.

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Night Gelly

The texture is somewhat like the Tea Tree one, just that it was not as light and didn’t have the astringent feeling. It was slightly more sticky, but still belonged to the non-sticky category so it is still comfortable to have overnight. This is supposed to be more hydrating than the Tea Tree one.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This one is very hydrating and feels thicker than just a gel moisturiser. However, the surface will dry up too, so it still is comfortable to have on all night. I love the cosmetic smell of this too. If your concern is plain hydrating, I would recommend this.

Bioessence Bird’s Nest Whitening Sleeping Mask

I got this as a sample which could be used for 2 nights. The texture of the gel was kind of choppy rather than smooth. It smells like cheap cosmetic smell to me. But those aside, what I really disliked about this was how sticky it was. It never dries up and it leaves my face sticky the whole night, even with the air con on. It makes me look like an oil slick. As for the whitening effect, I am not sure. For sure, the morning after both nights I feel I have appeared fairer but I think the credit goes to the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl sheet mask I used for these 2 days prior to application of sleeping mask. I do not recommend this product at all.

Pazzion – Shopping

The unthinkable happened today. I wore a relatively new (as in, never worn out) pair of sandals today and the sole actually came off when I was at Marina Bay Sands. I went to the nearest shoe shop to get a new pair.

So I went to Pazzion and they had quite a range of items on sale. As I did not intend to be shopping, I narrowed my options to the 50% and 70% off items. I picked out many I liked but they only had like size 34 left. I need a 35 or 36 from Pazzion. Their sizes runs big so I guess the size 34 can fit normal size 35 people, which is a local size 4.

I ended up getting this, for $21.90. the original price was $73. It matches my outfit and nail colour perfect, even though it isn’t like something I would have gotten on a normal day. The front squeezes my pinky toe so it isn’t the most comfortable either but should be fine with some seasoning. I like the chrome silver heels and the silver ankle strap! This design goes well with neon nail colors.

For $21.90, this is quite a steal from Pazzion as their shoes are usually expensive!

Nana Korean Shop – Shopping

There is this cutesy girly Korean looking shop in wisma atria, opposite sour sally, that I normally wouldn’t take a second look at, but today I actually purchased from them because of an item they hung up on display that caught my attention instantly.

This cost me $59.90 and honestly I thought it’d cost more because this shop kind of looks overpriced (it probably targets tourists).

I love how the yellow portion is done with matte sequins! However, tweety is lacking 3 strands of hair! I’ll probably add that in myself.

Shiseido Sales

I didn’t have much luck at the recent shiseido sales, as the stick foundation by Maquillage wasn’t available in my colour. They only had the darkest shade, OC30. However, they had the whitening serum by white lucent which I was intending to get!

During the previous sales, I got myself a tube (2 generations ago) for $50.

Now that this one’s phased out, it was $60 at the sale. It used to retail at $150! The latest version has its price reduced to $125 at counters.

I didn’t see any Tsubaki products there so no shampoo for me.

H&M – Shopping

This is my first time shopping at the local H&M since they debuted in Singapore and I didn’t come out empty handed, contrary to what I thought!

I bought all these clothes without trying them on because the queue for the fitting room was too long.

When I saw this skirt I knew I had to get it! I love the clear sequins and the neon colour. It cost $24.90.

The actual colour of this dress is somewhat like muted pink and not this gross yellow colour. I love the heart prints and had to get it! However, the buttons around the bust was sort of like “bursting” for me even though I got a size up already. It fits fine, just that the bursting buttons were kind of unsightly. It would be a better idea to fix the front and put the opening on the back instead.

This dress cost $24.90 which is relatively cheap!


Bods.bodynits – Shopping

I have been looking for a sports bra that I could wear during my yoga and pilates sessions but I didn’t have much luck. I do not require any professional quality type like Nike or Reebok offers.

I happen to find a $10 one (sale price) at Funfit and thought it was a steal. Funfit carries some other designs which I like even better (non racerback. In fact, I really hate racerback bras but for an hour of exercise I guess I could comply) but I didn’t want to pay too much for just a sports bra.

However, at Kallang Leisure Park’s bods.bodynits shop, I manage to find a wagon full of sports bras for $9 only! The original price was $14.90 each, not a huge discount, but these will suffice. They have a myriad of vibrant colours to choose from, which I spent a long time picking out the ones I wanted.

The material seemed better than the $10 on from Saha Funfit.

So if you’re looking for yoga/ exercise wear, try Kallang Leisure Park! They do have outlets at West Coast Plaza and Suntec City as well.


Furla – Bags

For my birthday I decided to get myself a new bag! I wanted a jelly bag and was on the lookout for one but sadly all of them looked like crap and nothing near the Furla Candy Bag. Therefore, I decided I’ll just get that.

I wanted to get it in my favourite colour orange. The latest range of colours happens to have orange and I was so thrilled!

It cost US$228 and with US shipping and Vpost shipping it costs about $360. I would probably be around $500 in the local stores.

However, it is very neon in real life and I was kind of disappointed that the colour isn’t true to the picture.

The one I have now is totally opaque and very fluorescent.

Like this!

Here are some of the pictures of the bag which I thought I’ll be getting.

I wanted something red-orange instead. This one’s a past season releases. It is slightly translucent which is what I wanted.

To my dismay, this is what my bag looks like:

The colour isn’t very true to my photos either. It looks exactly like highlighter orange, like the nail polish picture I posted above!

And it is very heavy too, not quite ergonomic. However, I think I can grow to love this color as it is very funky and striking which I think I’ll like.

Somehow I wish I had gotten the glitter rose pink version which is also US$30 cheaper.






Zara – Shopping

I sure have a lot of pieces from Zara in my wardrobe and some of them are my favourites.

But recently I haven’t been purchasing from them, especially ever since I started getting most of my new clothes from ASOS.

However when I saw this on their website the day before, I knew I had to get it! I love the vibrant prints and I love the material.

This cost $89.90 and is from the TRF range.

The chiffon is of quite good quality and not those thin and flimsy blogshop type.

I picked up this GEOMETRIC PANEL NECKLACE as well, for $39.90.