Furla – Bags

For my birthday I decided to get myself a new bag! I wanted a jelly bag and was on the lookout for one but sadly all of them looked like crap and nothing near the Furla Candy Bag. Therefore, I decided I’ll just get that.

I wanted to get it in my favourite colour orange. The latest range of colours happens to have orange and I was so thrilled!

It cost US$228 and with US shipping and Vpost shipping it costs about $360. I would probably be around $500 in the local stores.

However, it is very neon in real life and I was kind of disappointed that the colour isn’t true to the picture.

The one I have now is totally opaque and very fluorescent.

Like this!

Here are some of the pictures of the bag which I thought I’ll be getting.

I wanted something red-orange instead. This one’s a past season releases. It is slightly translucent which is what I wanted.

To my dismay, this is what my bag looks like:

The colour isn’t very true to my photos either. It looks exactly like highlighter orange, like the nail polish picture I posted above!

And it is very heavy too, not quite ergonomic. However, I think I can grow to love this color as it is very funky and striking which I think I’ll like.

Somehow I wish I had gotten the glitter rose pink version which is also US$30 cheaper.







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