Haul Post

Finally! I purchased the Candydoll Mineral Powder which I’ve been eyeing. I always wanted to get a mineral loose powder with slight coverage, so that I can use on daily basis. I have endless supply of loose powder – but only a discontinued one from Beaute De Kose has some coverage. And that products is amazing, thus I fear the day I run out of it. My Paul & Joe, Beaute de Kose Ultimation, two of Lavsshuca Face Powder, Chacott Loose Power and Lunasol Loose Power are all translucent! I also have other pressed powders like MAC Mineral Skin Finish (slight cover), many of Laneige Sliding Pact and some which I have totally forgotten about.

I aimed to get this product not knowing much about it but I just learnt that this is their star product and is very popular in japan, so I just had to grab it today especially when it’s going at 20% off.

I also bought 2 blushes – Peach Pink and Strawberry Pink. Hopefully this can give me the effect of Posie Tint. I really like the color of Posie Tint but applying it can be a bitch and it stains my fingers. I wanted to get Pink Flamingo too, but I have endless supply of blushes too, so I skipped it.

These hair products were going at 50% off at Guardian so I bought them! Healthy hair is important.