It’s not intentional for this to be a brand I want to buy, but some items are just THAT hard to resist. I usually buy items because I feel luxurious using it or something (other than the prerequisite that it is of good quality). Benefit has some items which don’t exactly make me feel luxurious using it because it is a cult brand rather than a luxury/ professional brand.

1. That Gal Primer

This primer is really good! It brightens up my face! Asians tend to have yellowish tones so this gives me a more glowy radiance. I love the berry smell of it and the finish of it. it isn’t too greasy which I hate because greasy primers just sits on my skin and doesn’t adhere. This is great under foundation or loose powder! I use it with Maquillage Stick foundation BO10 and it’s kind of a perfect match to my skintone! The BO10 shade would be too yellow if used alone. I bought BO10 because it was the only color left during the shiseido sales. I would have gotten OC00 if I could.

2. Hervana Box-o-powder

This has got to be the perfect blush for me. I’ve tried many others and they were alright but lacking somewhere; too little pigmentation, too much pigmentation, wrong colour, wrong finish – but this was perfect! I’ve tried the much acclaimed Dandelion powder before but it didn’t so much for me. It was too light.


I have also tried their cream liners, mascara, posie tint, dallas and some others.

Would be interest to try benetint, hoola, high beam, girl meets pearl.