Current skincare, body & hair care and makeup

It remains about the same except that I bought a new moisturiser from Naruko and it is good. Its moisturising yet very light.

Hada Labo is still serving me well.

The Kheils #1 lip balm (I’m using Mango) is the answer to chapped lips.

Liese hair cocktail works to revive my hair from hay to lusciously soft.

I’m suddenly into coloured eyeliners and I had these 2 urban decay ones in funky colours for the longest time. These are great! I would love to have more.

Benefit Hervana is quickly rising to be my favourite blush. The colour is perfect for my skintone.

Gel eyeliner is losing favour as I tend to reach out for liquid eyeliner more. I only use pen type liquid eyeliner and here’s mine from Jadilla J, a Korean brand under V.O.V which I gotten many years ago. It’s like a spin off Jill Stuart, but it works great. I might get Dolly Wink next time.




Chanel Mat Lumiere – Foundation

Chanel Mat Lumiére SPF 15 05 Faience

$60 well spent. ($70, without voucher).

The colour match was really good too! I was about to buy shade 20 but the sales person told me to get 05.

I realise I’ve been getting the wrong shades for foundation. The next time I buy MAC, I’ll look at NW15/ NC15 instead.

Eye of the day

· Urban Decay Primer Potion

· Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes Lavender Coral

· Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner on waterline

· Kate Mascara Base

· Covergirl Lash Blast

· Testimo Eyebrow Pencil GY-17

Face of the day

· Beaute De Kose Ultimation Makeup Base

· Chanel Mat Lumiere 05 Faience

· Ipsa Concealer 01 under eyes

· M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Medium

· Lavshuca Loose Powder Glow

· Guerlain Meteorites Poudre De Perles 10 Nacre Des Mers (highlight)

· M.A.C Lipstick Viva Glam Cyndi

Makeup MUST haves!

eye primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion

this is irreplaceable. i’ve tried others like Paul & Joe, NYX to name some and it’s just not the same.

eye liner: Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

the other alternative is Kate Gel Liner but the difference is that Kate’s dries up TOO quickly. Long before the Kate gel was introduced in Singapore, I used to buy it online. I think it was 2006 then. I bought it from Hong Kong on Adam Beauty and as you know, flights are very drying and my eyeliner arrived DRIED UP. However, I could still dig some out and use it though it was dry, and even so, it was still way better than any I’ve tried. I have the stila smudge pot and Benefit creme liner too but it’s just CMI. i’ve tested the maybelline gel too and it’s just not quite up to it. The brush was bad too! It looks like the Kate brush but it’s different. Only Bobbi Brown is similar or better, and it doesn’t dry up so quickly!

mascara base: Kate Mascara Base

I started using this product since a LONG time ago a well. It was 2006 or before that. When i first used it, the packaging was a round tube but now it’s a rectangle tube. I’ve been through numerous changes in packing for this, but it’s still just as good. I’ve repurchased this several times! It makes sucky mascara better (unless those incorrigible sort). However I seldom use it nowadays because I’ve found my HG mascaras that is good alone without a base. But if I need an extra boost of length and volume, I turn to this. Trust me, other mascara bases may look similar but they are DIFFERENT!

volume mascara: Covergirl Lash Blast

lengthening mascara:  Majolica Majorca Lash Expander

overall mascara: Diorshow

I started using Mascara since 10 years ago and I’ve been through a lot so I dare claim I’m an expert when it comes to this.

Amongst the many I’ve tried includes the popular maybelline (tried a few types), Fasio, Dejavu Fibrewig, and also more expensive ones like Benefit, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Urban Decay, Anna Sui etc.

My lashes are above average in length but I still like lengthening mascaras.  My favourite is the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander and I’ve used it since 2007 probably. I’ve also been through so many changes in packing for it but it remains as good. It separates very well, lengthens very well, and when fresh, it dries quickly too. I loathe mascara that takes forever to dry. Some people claim that it’s though to remove but I bed to differ. A good eye makeup remover does everything.

The covergirl lash blast is touted as a volume mascara but I feel it has a good overall effect. The brush is very unique and very large so it’s not suitable for people who lack the skills of applying as it could get messy, especially people with barely there eyelashes because it may be hard to apply. However, it’s fine for me. I get it from and it’s very cheap! I get waterproof because I need that.  I find that this mascara can reach out to every single strand, and it helps my lashes stay curled up and doesn’t weigh it down at all.

The Diorshow is great as well. I would call this a traditional mascara as the brush is the normal type. The other 2 has a comb and barrel type wand respectively instead. It separates, volumises and lengthens the lashes. It holds up lashes very well too and retains the shape. I find it very important for mascaras not to weigh down lashes as that’s what happens to most lousy ones.

Eyebrow Pencil: Coffret D’Or

yes there are differences between the types of eyebrow pencils. A good one should not show up when you try to draw on your hand but only shows up when you draw it on your brow. I think it’s because the pencil is harder and your brows, where hair follicles are plenty,  has a different texture from your hand, so somehow the pencil only shows up on such texture. but anyway, it also means that it will last longer and doesn’t smudge off even if you sweat or something! and even if your brows are full, it is important to shape them with pencil, for a more polished look.

I’ve been using this product since it was still branded as T’estimo. The other dupe for this would be Kate, which is their drugstore sister brand.

Eye concealer: Ipsa

Eye concealer and face concealer are DIFFERENT! do not use the same product, unless desperate or unless it’s meant to be. for me, my face generally does not accept concealers well. It will always cake up, be it face or eye concealer. Especially so if I use creamy concealers. Some may say creamy gives best coverage and creamy should mean it spreads well, but for me, yes it gives coverage and spreads well but it cakes. Like the MAC studio sculpt which is highly raved, I can’t use it for my eyes. It cakes. I can only use liquid type concealers, texture somewhat like a high coverage liquid foundation, but then, such concealers often have poor coverage. Ipsa’s one is just enough for me, and it doesn’t cake on me, so I love it!

Eyeshadow palette: Lunasol

I’m so in love with Lunasol quads and I have 7 of them. It’s not cheap but I still need to get them. The colours are shimmery but not like a disco ball. The texture is so smooth and colour payoff is good.

Highlighter: Guerlain Meteories

I’ve tried other dupes like etude house but it doesn’t match up. The finish is very soft and subtle, it perfects the foundation! Another close competitor is the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish. I have that in Perfect Topping, but it can get too shiny sometimes.