Sleeping Mask Review

Typically, my skincare steps would be: naruko rose & snow fungus foam -> Hada Labo SHA Lotion -> sheet mask -> serums -> sleeping mask


Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly

This was the first sleeping mask I tried. The texture is light weight and when applied it has a slight sensation, typical of astringent from tea tree products, but not very strong. It feels like a gel moisturiser and sort of ‘dries up’, leaving a not so sticky surface, but when you wash it off the next day it sorts of ‘dissolves’ and you can indeed tell that there was a layer on your face. That is good, because it shows it remains on your face doing its job overnight, but not leaving you sticky like an oil slick.

Naruko Rose and Snow Fungus Night Gelly

The texture is somewhat like the Tea Tree one, just that it was not as light and didn’t have the astringent feeling. It was slightly more sticky, but still belonged to the non-sticky category so it is still comfortable to have overnight. This is supposed to be more hydrating than the Tea Tree one.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

This one is very hydrating and feels thicker than just a gel moisturiser. However, the surface will dry up too, so it still is comfortable to have on all night. I love the cosmetic smell of this too. If your concern is plain hydrating, I would recommend this.

Bioessence Bird’s Nest Whitening Sleeping Mask

I got this as a sample which could be used for 2 nights. The texture of the gel was kind of choppy rather than smooth. It smells like cheap cosmetic smell to me. But those aside, what I really disliked about this was how sticky it was. It never dries up and it leaves my face sticky the whole night, even with the air con on. It makes me look like an oil slick. As for the whitening effect, I am not sure. For sure, the morning after both nights I feel I have appeared fairer but I think the credit goes to the My Beauty Diary Black Pearl sheet mask I used for these 2 days prior to application of sleeping mask. I do not recommend this product at all.


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