Pazzion – Shopping

The unthinkable happened today. I wore a relatively new (as in, never worn out) pair of sandals today and the sole actually came off when I was at Marina Bay Sands. I went to the nearest shoe shop to get a new pair.

So I went to Pazzion and they had quite a range of items on sale. As I did not intend to be shopping, I narrowed my options to the 50% and 70% off items. I picked out many I liked but they only had like size 34 left. I need a 35 or 36 from Pazzion. Their sizes runs big so I guess the size 34 can fit normal size 35 people, which is a local size 4.

I ended up getting this, for $21.90. the original price was $73. It matches my outfit and nail colour perfect, even though it isn’t like something I would have gotten on a normal day. The front squeezes my pinky toe so it isn’t the most comfortable either but should be fine with some seasoning. I like the chrome silver heels and the silver ankle strap! This design goes well with neon nail colors.

For $21.90, this is quite a steal from Pazzion as their shoes are usually expensive!


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