Hair pulled back

I’m into high ponytails nowadays. With clear skin, pulling hair back becomes an option.

My makeup routine nowadays tends to exclude foundation, which I once couldn’t live without.

After my staple sunscreen, the Naruko BB Sunscreen, I’ll put on some optional primer, depending on how my skin is looking.

Then, I would conceal my undereyes with IPSA Pure Protect concealer, or the amazing concealer in fair.

I would dust on loose powder next. I have many; Beaute De Kose, Ultimation, Lavshuca, Paul & Joe, just to name a few.

I’ll just reach out for the convenient ones, which is Ultimation lately. This is a discontinued ranged from Kose which I grabbed during the Kose Sales.

I’ll apply some blush which will be the Benefit Hervana blush, and Guerlain Meteorites as highlights.

Guerlain Meteorites are irreplaceable. Any lookalike can never match up to it! I highly recommend it. It just finishes of the makeup in a way no other can compare.

So that’s a typical routine of mine for a bare looking canvas.


4 responses

  1. Love this look. In the good ol’ days, I could probably pull this off, but not anymore. Hair all chopped off! Just sporting a short hairstyle now as it’s easier to manage, especially when you have a screaming baby in the background. By the way, what’s Naruko BB like? I’ve only heard about this brand from a fellow blogger and I am quite interested. Shame, it’s kinda hard to get a hold of this product here in the UK.

    • Hi! Thank you for the compliment and thanks foe reading! I’m sure you can try having long hair again in future πŸ™‚
      Naruko BB sunscreen is kind of like a BB cream, but again it’s more like sunscreen to me. It doesn’t have the thick BB cream consistency like most BB cream has. It’s very lightweight. Over here in Singapore the weather is forever sweltering and having something light on my skin is necessary. I love this because it is not sticky/ greasy at all when applied, and won’t grease up in Singapore’s humid weather. It is the first time encountering a sunscreen which isn’t sticky! I have the much raved Clarins HP mineral sunscreen but I find that too thick and slightly sticky on my face. Also, it being slightly tinted evens up my skin tone slightly which is good for the everyday look! It doesn’t leave a white cast like most thick white sunscreens does so it’s good like that! πŸ™‚

    • there’s this website which is from Singapore they carry naruko and they ship worldwide for free if you hit a certain amount! however, the retail price in singapore is generally higher than that sold in taiwan. I am unsure whether there’s any taiwanese website which has similar services too. hope this helps!

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