Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask

Essential has been a brand I’ve been avoiding since a bad experience a couple of years ago. When it was just released, I got their shampoo, conditioner and treatment to try. The results were hair that feels like it’s been drenched in chlorine water – very unruly and clumpy. I stopped using it, gave the shampoo away and stashed the conditioner and treatment in a corner to collect dust.

Then after a while, because I was trying to clear conditioners as well as being lazy to get a new one, I resorted to using the treatment on my hair in lieu of conditioner everyday. It wasn’t that bad.

So long story short, I got this hair mask recently to try because the packaging and the claims were attractive.

For a hair mask, this is one of the cheapest available. It is only $9.90 while other brands like Keratase cost $40 – $50 (I know that’s from a different league). Even other supermarket brands, like ascience cost more. Dove is possibly as affordable actually.

So anyway, I’ve been using this for 2 days, and I’m quite satisfied. It works better if you let it sit in longer, with a shower cap to seal in the moisture, before rinsing. I’d recommend this hair mask! I totally love the smell too. It smells like sweet berry.



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