The Kuching Nail Spa

Thanks to Groupon, I got deals for this relatively new nail parlour near my place. I bought 2 of such deals as they launched it twice. It cost only $58 for 3 sessions, which makes it about $19 for a classic mani + pedi.

There are only 2 manicurists there and though I can’t say they are the best around, they are good enough.

A beverage of your choice will be served and my favourite is the Vanilla, Honey & Chamomile tea.

They have a selection of OPI and ORLY colours.

Appointments are not that hard to fix, though it may be quite tight on weekends and evenings. However, a few days advanced notice is fine, from my experience. Not to the extent where you need to book weeks in advance. Overall, I would recommend this place. However, I find the normal rates quite high. They charge as much as it would cost to do it in town.


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