Naruko Haul

I am back from the Japalang sales. I did not manage to get anything from K-Palette but I bought a load of naruko products!

It’s not dirt cheap but just 30% off the Singapore retail price. I was going to order from naruko as I am out of moisturiser so of course I will welcome a 30% discount.

I bought 2 of the Apple Seed & Tranxemic Acid Hydra Milk. I decided to try this instead of my previous rose & snow fungus milky lotion because I wanted some whitening effect! I decided to get the serum too, since it was $10 cheaper than usual. Perhaps using it over my whole face will enhance the effects.

There was no Apple Seed night gelly, to my dismay, but there was the Magnolia one and I delightedly got 2 of it! it’s for brightening and firming and I guess I could do with those. It’s only $15 each. The Taiwan price works out to be around $13 so the mark up is not big!

I can’t wait to use them to see the effect.

I also got 2 backups of my favourite sunscreen, the narcissus bb sunscreen. It’s $18 instead of the usual $25.90. I guess these should last me til the end of the year!

As much as I love most of naruko’s products, I have to say I don’t really like their sheet masks. The shape is ill fitting, and the Job’s tears one especially, do not adhere well to my face. It is also not dirt cheap at around $1.50 a piece. I would recommend My Beauty Diary for masks still, but for skincare, get Naruko and Hada Labo!


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