I didn’t know beauty blender was in Singapore until I saw this flyer. Apparently its priced almost the same as that sold in USA so if you want it cheaper you can check out this sale! Its supposedly going at 30% off. I’m not sure if it applies to the double packaging or the single one.

Anyway I don’t think I’ll be getting those because I already have 2. I want to aim the K Palette eyeliner which I heard will be going at 3 for $15! That’s a steal. Also interested in getting Cure if it’s cheap. It’s the best exfoliater. However, nowadays I am using Clarisonic and usually skip exfoliation.




From it’s confirmed that they have Naruko products! I’m so excited as I am a fan.

The retail prices of naruko in Singapore is up to 75% more of that sold in Taiwan. Yes, it is a scary mark up. For example, the BB sunscreen which is my HG cost $25.90 here but probably only $15 in Taiwan. A facial cleanser here cost $16 but only $8 in Taiwan. At this sale it’s going at 30% off local retail price, so I guess that’s better than nothing, especially since I need more moisturiser!!

My Rose & Snow Fungus Milky Lotion has officially reduced to the last few drops so I hope to get a new one tomorrow.

I am aiming the Apple Seed & Tranxemic Acid range and they have the milk lotion there. It cost $25.90 so with 30% off it would be $18! In Taiwan it is NT369 ~ $16. Not too bad. The serum will be $30.90 *0.7 = $21.63. In Taiwan it cost NT459 ~ $20. I’m undecided whether to get the serums because I have Shiseido White Lucent Serum x 2 in my backup stash. The reason why I am aiming the Apple Seed & Tranxemic acid range is because Shiseido White Lucent uses Tranxemic acid too, so I thought I could combine it with shiseido’s serum as I want to switch my skincare to whitening.

Kind of wasted they do not have the Apple Seed or Magnolia night gelly there, but actually I have 3 backups of Laneige sleeping mask so I do not actually urgently need night gelly. I have finished the Naruko Tea Tree night gelly and it is good! I’m not sure whether I should try the night eye gelly.


So anyway, the stuff I am getting:

K Palette eyeliner x 2 + eyebrow liner – 3 for $15

Apple Seed & Tranxemic Acid Milk Lotion x 2 – $25.90 ~ $18 x 2

Apple Seed & Tranxemic Acid Serum – $30.90~ $21.66

NARUKO Narcissus Total Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50 – $25.90 ~ $18


From the blog as linked above, the Cure aqua gel is going at $69 for 2 which is about 18% less than retail price. Cure has never been on sale before.

Beauty Blender is going at 30% off, so for the double pack, it would be $28 for 2 I suppose, which makes it $14 for 1,










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  1. Hey babe! Just to let you know that the K-Palette 3 for $15 items are only applicable to selected items! (mainly K-Palette eyeshadow palette, nail polishes etc. the pink eyeliner is but there’s super limited sets for that) The eyebrow liner and regular eyeliners are not under that promo. But all regular items from K-Palette (except new items) are going at 30%! 🙂

    • haha i saw on the facebook pic there’s the pink eye liner, mascara and eyebrow liner with the captions 3 for $15! ok i’ll try to go early to grab the pink eyeliner then. can’t wait!! i’ve been intending to restock my naruko products and then i saw this sale. how timely 🙂

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