Clarisonic Mia Log 1

It’s been 1 week since I’ve had it.

My routine will be:

Morning – normal

Night – Shu Uemura HPCO Fresh to remove all makeup, Clarisonic + Hado Labo SHA wash in the shower for 1 minute, Hada Labo SHA Lotion, Sheet Mask, Shiseido White Lucent Serum on pigmentation, Estee Lauder ANR Eye treatment, Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX


My skin feels evidently smoother and soft with the use of the clarisonic. The brush feels rough on my face but it doesn’t scratch it or anything so it’s fine. Maybe I will get the delicate brush head when it’s time to change it.

I find that my Hada Labo lotion absorbs easier too.

I do not have much blackhead issues so I cannot comment on that but I’m sure it will dislodge the heads better than manual washing.

I did not experience any drying effects from it comparing to normal washing so I can safely say it doesn’t dry skin out.





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