Hada Labo Haul

My favourite Hada Labo SHA Lotion was running low (right most bottle) so I thought it’s the time to get the refill ($18.90)! I bought everything at Watsons. The refill has 150ml and the original has 170ml. It makes sense because you don’t wait till your bottle is dry empty before stocking up do you. However, it sucks to know that the full bottle ($22.90) comes with a free 20g face wash at Guardian which works out to be a better deal but oh well at least I did my part for the environment by getting a refill pack and I’m going to get good karma!

I got the face wash as well for $12.90. I previously used the AHA/BHA face wash and I broke out from it. I guess I generally do not respond well to AHAs at all. I got the SHA wash this time and it is going to work!

I got a 4 piece travel/ sample kit for $15.90. It is rather overpriced but I like how it is concise and compact.

I do like naruko face wash, but I find that it doesn’t foam up much. I was thinking I should use a more foamy cleanser with my clarisonic thus I decided to try Hada Labo. It is cheaper too.


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