Facial Masks Review

I have used countless face masks but I shall only mention about 4 facial masks that I’ve used lately.

1. My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask

Price: $0.80 from Taiwan, $1.30 from Singapore

Origin: Taiwan

They have revamped their masks about 2 years ago and now the sheets are these transulent type, which is the latest technology nowadays compared to the thicker opaque tissue sort. It retains the serums quite well so a lot of products goes onto your face with the mask instead of staying in the packaging. The new mask’s shape is fine but I would prefer the gap between the nose and mouth to be smaller as I really hate having mask on my lips. I usually snip it off.

This mask is my HG mask as the whitening effect is instant and it moisturises well.

I highly recommend this! it is the best mask among all My Beauty Diary series.

2. Leader’s Insolution Melatox Mask

Price: $3.50

Origin: Korea

I wasn’t interested in this when I first saw it advertised on blogs but when a non sponsored blogger mentioned that it was good I was tempted to try it, hearing that the whitening effect is good.

The mask sheet itself was fine, the new technology and all. However, I didn’t find the whitening effect to be spectacular.

I’d say this isn’t worth the price as it could buy almost 4 MBD masks!

3. Naruko Rose & Snow Fungus Mask

Price: $1.50

Origin: Taiwan

I love naruko products so I got this to try. The mask sheets are of the latest technology too, and it is dripping with serum. The hydration effect is reasonable, but at price point I’d rather get MBD masks.


4. ODBO Vitamin C Mask

Price: gift from korea

Origin: Korea

I do not like this. The shape is very odd and it doesn’t cover up my forehead. I guess I generally do not like Korean masks and Taiwanese Masks fits me better!


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