Current skincare, body & hair care and makeup

It remains about the same except that I bought a new moisturiser from Naruko and it is good. Its moisturising yet very light.

Hada Labo is still serving me well.

The Kheils #1 lip balm (I’m using Mango) is the answer to chapped lips.

Liese hair cocktail works to revive my hair from hay to lusciously soft.

I’m suddenly into coloured eyeliners and I had these 2 urban decay ones in funky colours for the longest time. These are great! I would love to have more.

Benefit Hervana is quickly rising to be my favourite blush. The colour is perfect for my skintone.

Gel eyeliner is losing favour as I tend to reach out for liquid eyeliner more. I only use pen type liquid eyeliner and here’s mine from Jadilla J, a Korean brand under V.O.V which I gotten many years ago. It’s like a spin off Jill Stuart, but it works great. I might get Dolly Wink next time.




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