Lunasol Holiday Party Coffrets

Since many years ago, Lunasol started launching coffrets during the festive season. The coffrets typically comes with 5 items and include one limited edition eyeshadow palette and a clutch. Lunasol eyeshadow palettes are to die for and usually these coffrets comes with good value.

Lunasol Tender Glow Collection Party Coffret 2011

  • Party Eyes TG EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown
  • Cream Cheeks EX04 Tender Glow Pink
  • Full Glamour Gloss N EX19 Tender Glow Pink
  • Skin Contrast Face Powder (mini size) 01 Glow
  • Clutch

Lunasol Holiday Luxury Party Coffret 2010

  • Crystal Eyeshadow Palette – EX01
  • Coloring Cheeks Palette – EX01
  • Crystal Lip Gloss N – EX18
  • Three-dimensional curling mascara No 01
  • Bright Silver Party Clutch

Lunasol Holiday
Party Coffret 2009

  • Lighting for Eyes White Lighting EX05
  • Geminate Eyeliner White Lighting EX03
  • Full Glamour Gloss White Lighting EX11
  • Shining Powder N White Lighting EX03
  • Pouch

Holiday Party Coffret 2008

  • Lighting for Eyes Soft Silver Lighting EX04
  • Geminate Liner Soft Silver Brown EX02
  • Contrasting Cheeks N Soft Silver Rose EX01
  • Nail Finish Soft Silver Lighting EX16
  • Clutch

Lunasol Pink Silver Lighting Holiday Party Coffret 2007

  • Lighting For Eyes EX03
  • Geminate Liner EX01
  • Full Glamour Gloss EX06
  • Shining Face Color EX01
  • Gift box

Lunasol Golden Lighting Holiday Party Coffret 2006

Lunasol Holiday Party Coffret 2005


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