Skincare Products – Sheet Masks

My Beauty Diary Masks

Others I have used:

· Neutrogena Deep Hydration Mask

· ZA True White Essence Mask

· Ettusais Acne Whitening Dual Mask

· Watsons Bird’s Nest Mask

My staple mask for now is My Beauty Diary Black Pearl mask. It brightens up my skin slightly and it’s apparent after each use. Typically, sheet masks only helps to hydrate the skin, no matter which flavor you choose. I’ve tried almost every one of the My Beauty Diary mask but somehow Black Pearl works best for me.

Neutrogena, Za and Ettusais masks are good too, but at higher prices. My Beauty Diary can go as low as 80c a sheet so it’s good for daily use. Watsons and Neutrogena can cost $2/sheet during promotion time, Za $19/box of 6 during 20%+20% sales, and Ettusais cost $49.00/box of 7.

I find these work better than My Beauty Diary, giving a more radiant skin after use. Za True White really gives a brighter skin while Ettusais is just like Za just that it comes with 2 pieces for each mask, to suit the T zone and the U zone. However, using cheap mask daily is better than using premium masks once a week.

On the other hand, among the Za True White range, only the mask and foundation are loves for me. The other products break me out.


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